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Boost up OT/ICS Security Solution

Future of Security Solutions Together

Security Solutions for the Smart World

OT Monitoring

Industrial Protocol Real-Time Monitoring & Analysis Solutions

OT Security

Industrial Networks Security Solutions

VoIP Security

VoIP Security Solutions

OT Connectivity

Smart Artificial Lift Auto Control Solutions


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Security completes the smart
Protocol Conversion

Convert OT protocols into OPC-UA standard protocol
Protocols Integration to manage industrial sites efficiently

Passive Monitoring & DPI

Monitor and detect security threats in real time
Deep Packet Inspection(DPI) securing industrial sites

Unidirectional Security Gateway

Connect secure and non-secure areas with data diode
Absolute protection against external security threats


OT Monitoring

Recently, an anomaly detection solution using big data analysis using AI has been in the spotlight. However, the diversity of industrial protocols presents challenges in terms of the efficiency of big data analytics.
Nanoworks provides a converged security solution that converts various industrial protocols into standard protocols to provide real-time monitoring and security in your management network.

OT Security

One of the main features of Industry 4.0 is that IT technologies like IoT are incorporated into the industrial sites,
which increases the importance of industrial cybersecurity.
NAONWORKS provides various solutions for smart factory security.

VoIP Security

As VoIP becomes more popular, there is a need for a security solution that can respond to access environments flexibly. NAONWORKS’ smart work security solutions are dedicated to VoIP service and they ensure a secure user experience against security threats.

OT Connectivity

NAONWORKS provides smart artificial lift automatic control solutions that combines open architecture with industrial IoT control technology for companies that are considering ways to reduce costs and improve productivity by tightening CO2 emission regulations, reducing reserves, increasing energy demand, and increasing alternative energy.



Leading the future of convergence OT security with AnLab, Inc.

NAONWORKS signed a Stock Purchase Agreement (SPA) with AnLab Inc., a leader in cyber threat analysis, on July 28, 2021. Since then, NAONWORKS operate as an independent subsidiary and plan to combine the OT security technology and AnLab's accumulated integrated security capabilities to enhance technical expertise and business synergies in the OT security area.

NAONWORKS Was Designated as an Excellent Research Center

NAONWROKS was acknowledged as an Excellent Research Center for developing CPS security technologies

NAONWORKS Was Awarded IR52 for Technology Innovation

The ministry of Science and Technology awarded IR52 Jang Young-shil to NAONWORKS' research center

NAONWORKS Participated in 2018 RSA Conference

NAONWORKS delivers the epilogue for 2018 RSA Conference in San Francisco