Open Industrial Control Service
Convergence Security

NAONWROKS is a convergence industry solution company with 10 years of security solution development experience
and open architecture-based industrial control technology.

NAONWROKS is researching an open architecture-based industrial control convergence solution
that can provide a safe and smart world to customers through the slogan “BEYOND SMART”.
In the fields of Smart Work, Smart Factory, Smart Monitoring, Smart Oil & Gas where ICT
and industry converge, we provide solutions for convergence industries in open architecture environments
with industrial protocols, big data, deep packet inspection(DPI), and behavior/state analysis technologies.


Happy Workplace,
not only for us, but for you.

The name of NAONWORKS is a combination of “NAON” and “WORKS”. “NAON” is a pure Korean word meaning

“happy”, therefore NAONWORKS represents ‘happy workplace’. We make a happy workplace for every member,

and dream of making customers’ work and life spaces full of happiness. With complete security of the systems
and the environment, we create a smart world where users can feel secure and picture bright future in it.

“ There exist difficulties in applying IT security solutions
to OT areas and making them interwork, therefore,
NAONWORKS provides total solutions to connect
IT and OT systems with absolute security. “

June-Kyoung Lee