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Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information

Please read the details of personal information collection and use below and decide whether or not you agree.(2018.10.12)

1. Purpose of Personal Information Collection and Use
NAONWORKS(“we”) uses personal information we have collected for the purposes below
- Customer service and support(consultation, product demonstration and further supports)
- Marketing(NAONWORKS related marketing and promotional activities)

2. Personal Information We Collect
- Name, nation, company name to which you belong, position
- E-mail address

3. Period of Retention and Use
- Unless required by the applicable laws and regulation, your personal information shall be retained and utilized until the purpose of collecting and using your personal information is fulfilled.

4. The right to refuse to agree and disadvantages of refusal
- You are under no obligation to provide any personal data if you do not wish to.
- However, if you do not agree to the necessary collection and use of your personal, you may not receive services such as providing information about NAONWORKS’ products and solutions.