In Industry 4.0, Smart factory is not an option, but a necessity to improve productivity.
However, as smart factory is based on connecting devices and network,concerns about security threats are increasing.
NAONWORKS’ smart factory security solutions provide secure environments for smart factory.
Now, let’s start Industry 4.0 with NAONWORKS!


Industrial Protocol Gateway

The most difficult point to build a smart factory is converting various PLC protocols into a common protocol for
data collection and integrated management.
CEREBRO-C is a gateway that converts standard protocols such as OPC-UA, OPC-DA, and MQTT without
additional installation or modification of industrial control systems.


Collect various
industrial protocol data


Convert legacy protocols
to standard protocols


Integrated management
for industrial site

Provides integrated management environment with efficient industrial protocol conversion

CEREBRO-C can more efficiently and economically collect the control data in smart factory. In addition,
it provides security for industrial network with OPC-UA conversion function,
and helps to transmit and monitor data to MES and SCADA in an integrated environment.
It supports Windows and Linux platforms and can be installed in the form of ultra-small devices and embedded S/W,
so it is easy to apply to various industrial fields.

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