NAONWORKS’ Smart Monitoring solutions provide standardization,
conversion, reporting, monitoring and security of various industrial protocols.
Use this solutions to increase the efficiency of big data analysis in the era of the 4th industry!


Industrial Protocol In-depth Analysis Solution

The core of smart security is communication between OT and IT
to establish an integrated management system for industrial sites.
Through this, it is possible to construct an optimal security environment by analyzing
and processing security issues in the field in real time and improving vulnerabilities.
CEREBRO-DP in-depth analyzes of control data in the field and delivers it as valuable information handled
by the integrated management system in the IT field.
Based on our unique CEROBRO security framework, our technology protocol profiling enables CEREBRO-DP
to support the majority of OT / IT protocols and to provide reliable, high-performance services.


Real time data collection
by network monitoring


Deep inspection
on control data in OT networks


Standard Protocol Conversion
for the OT Protocol

Real-time Deep Inspection on Industrial Control Data

CEREBRO-DP conducts 6 functions below by means of real-time monitoring on industrial networks.
Users can have broader insight on their industrial sites with CEREBRO-DP.

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