Open architecture based RTU is a system that allows various automatic control RTUs to be interoperable
by standard protocols and to eliminate H / W dependence.
RTU solution that can reduce initial installation cost and maintenance management cost through H / W interoperability.

Based on Naonworks’ open architecture, RTU is equipped with artificial lift automatic control logic as well as RTU functions, such as remote monitoring and control of existing artificial lifts, to provide customers with functions to improve productivity and operate.


Open Architecture
Based Plunger Lift Automatic Control RTU

ALITA is an open architecture based plunger lift automatic that is installed in the plunger lift type well
or gas well among the artificial lift methods for producing crude oil and gas so that the condition of the well
can be monitored and controlled to continuously produce crude oil and gas. Control solution.
Monitors pressure sensors connected to pipes and opens production valves to produce crude oil and gas,
continually removes production inhibitors to prevent wells from closing and maintains production.
Independence is ensured by classifying the platform for each role such as the CPU unit controlling the plunger lift,
the I / O unit for the input / output of the sensor data, the flow meter for monitoring the production,
and the interworking with the industrial standard protocol between the units.
Services to provide scalability and flexibility.
Monitoring and control of depression through the Internet, as well as the replacement of the unit, such as failure /
expansion, is limited to the replacement of the unit, which can reduce maintenance costs.


Open module configuration by role
and standard protocol interworking


Wells automatic control
and remote monitoring


Multi-Well simultaneous control
and status tuning, auto adjustment

Plunger Lift Automatic Control

- 24/7 oil well monitoring and automatic production control
- Automatic production optimization according to well environment
- Simultaneous Multi-Well Control and Condition Tuning Between Wells

Open architecture

- Improved compatibility by modularization by plunger lift control function
- Reduced replacement / replacement costs with a universal / open platform

User convenience

-Independent control logic and user interface to secure control independence
-Provides a variety of information for well monitoring, analysis and optimization
-Enhance security with permission setting function by user role

Smart Oil & Gas Infrastructure

-Remote monitoring / control function through security channel
-Provide standard SCADA linkage

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