As VoIP becomes more popular,
there is a need for a security solution that can respond to access environments flexibly.
NAONWORKS’ smart work security solutions ensure secure work environment
with certified VoIP security services and functions.


VoIP Security Gateway

VIPER-N is an internet telephony security solution that detects and blocks major security threats
of internet telephony services and protects the service network of public institutions and enterprises.
It detects security threats in advance by monitoring traffic flowing into the protected area network in real time.
And provides a flexible interworking environment between operators.
VIPER-N, which has earned credible certification in security technology such as National Intelligence Service CC certification
and TTA certification, guarantees the most secure internet phone environment for users through reliable security functions.


Isolate from the outside by configuring
the inside of the Internet telephone switch
with a private IP


With network traffic monitoring always
Security threat detection


As a firewall and IPS mode solution
External threat protection
and internal security enhancements

VoIP security threat detection and blocking

- Detect security threats with access control list setup, audit, identification, authentication, etc.
- Adopt TLS / SRTP domestic (ARIA) and international (AES) standards
- Protect internal network information from external threats through topology hiding

High user convenience

-Easily deployed without changing existing network configuration
- Provides satisfactory service with flexible expansion according to capacity
-Selectable configuration among single or redundant depending on network environment
-Web-based management without the need for separate management equipment

Provide safe external network interworking environment

-Provides various SBC (Session Border Controller) functions such as NAT Traversal, Call Routing, and encryption
-Addresses IP information protection issues, external network access control and IP address shortage Always

On security threat monitoring

-Internet phone attack and failure detection and analysis through log analysis system
-Various types of security issue report

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