Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Naon Works (Hereinafter “the Company”) prioritizes customers’ privacy and abides by the Act for Information Communication Network Use Promotion and Information Protection. The Company lets you know how the personal information provided by you is used, for what purpose it is used, and what actions are taken for privacy protection through our Privacy Policy. The policy takes effect from April 1, 2023.

Personal information items collected

The Company collects personal information for consulting and application for service as follows:
Collected items:
name, telephone number, email, company/organization, department, title, and source (path) for website visit

Collection method:
online inquiry

Collection and purpose of use of personal information

The Company uses collected personal information for the following purposes:
Online inquiries
- Receipt of inquiry and reply

Possession and use periods of personal information

Personal information will be immediately destroyed after its collection and purpose of use are achieved. However, if the personal information needs to be preserved under relevant laws and regulations, the Company will store the member’s information for a certain period set by the relevant laws and regulations.
-Preserved items: name, telephone number, email, company/organization, department, title,source (path) for website visit
- Preservation basis: basic data for feedback to an online inquiry
- Preservation period: until the online inquiry feedback period ends

The Company does not share personal information externally. However, there are exceptions in the following cases:
-If users agree in advance
- If a law enforcement agency requests personal information under the laws and regulations or procedures and methods set in the laws and regulations for investigation purposes

Installation, operation, and rejection of automatic personal information collection device

The Company uses cookies to frequently store and find your information. A cookie is a very small text file sent by the server used for the Company’s website operation to your browser and it is stored in your computer hard drive. The Company uses cookies for the following purposes:
▶ What are cookies?
A cookie is a very small text file sent by the server used for website operation to the user’s browser, and it is stored in the user’s computer.

▶ Purpose of cookies
By storing user-preferred settings through cookies, a faster connection is possible for users. For convenient use, cookies are used to improve services. Through this, users can use the service more easily.

▶ What if you want to reject cookies so that cookies are not collected?
Any user has the right to select cookie installation. By setting up an option in the web browser, the user may allow all cookies, may allow or not whenever cookies are stored through a process of the user’s permission, or may reject the storing of all cookies. However, if the user rejects the cookies, inconveniences with using the website can arise, and the user may have difficulties in using some services that require login.

▶ Examples of the setup method
1) Internet Explorer: Tool menu > Internet option > Personal information > Setup, on the top of the web browser
2 ) Chrome: Setup menu on the right of the web browser > Advanced setup indication at the bottom of the screen > Personal information content setup button > Cookie